YouthLink and YouthReach South work collaboratively to provide a range of services to improve the mental health of young people. Each multidisciplinary service provides a range of direct clinical services to at-risk and marginalised young people including:

In addition the services offer support to those people who work with young people to assist better recognition and response to mental health problems. These services include:

Both services are committed to delivering services that are sensitive to diversity of gender, culture, sexuality, disability and respect young people's rights about family/carer involvement.

The teams are staffed by Clinical Psychologists, Social Workers and Nurses. Additionally, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) workers use professional and culturally appropriate frameworks to strengthen the social and emotional well being and mental health of ATSI young people and communities.

Counselling & Support

YouthReach South and YouthLink and YouthAxis provide free and confidential counselling and support services to at-risk and marginalised young people who are:

Using a client-centred approach, our services provide assessment, counselling and case-management with a focus on engagement and assertive follow-up. Both services have the capacity to offer outreach where appropriate. Wherever possible, we seek to work collaboratively with other service providers, family and/or significant people in the young person's network. We can access and work with interpreters.

Issues our services can address include:


YouthLink and YouthReach South provide a consultation service to workers with at-risk and marginalised young people.

Community Development

YouthReach South and YouthLink work with other agencies to strengthen communities in assisting young people with mental health issues. By networking, attending interagency meetings and participating in community based projects, we aim to:


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